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Auto Body Repair Testimonials

"Most people don't trust mechanics. This isn't necessarily because mechanics are untrustworthy; it mostly stems from our lack of knowledge about cars. Because cars are seemingly complex and people tend to have little knowledge about them, and because repairs are so expensive, people tend to assume they're being taken advantage of. Like the general populous, I have minimal knowledge, and probably wouldn't have a clue if I was being taken. That said, Schiro's seemed trustworthy. After my car accident, the tow truck left my car outside of Schiro's--windows down and key in the ignition--on the weekend. Even though Schiro's was closed, I was fortunate an employee happened to stop by the next morning and took care of my car. When I arrived Monday morning, I met that employee, and also Kent, who would be overseeing the work on my car. During the month my car was in the shop (my car had been through two accidents...a whole new story in-and-of-itself), Kent and his crew at Schiro's made sure to call me on a weekly basis. With each phone call, I was updated with information about the cost of repair and projected completion date. Unfortunately, on the day I was supposed to pick up my car, a light went off which caused the car to be re-evaluated. I was slightly annoyed at the time, but honestly, more grateful that they took the time to look into the problem rather than give me back a half-baked car. When I finally picked up my car, it ran surprisingly smooth. I was fully expecting my decimated vehicle to never run like new again, but I was happily mistaken. Part of me is still waiting for the bottom of my car to fall out, but nothing of the sort has happened. I've been driving my car  now for about a month and have had  no problems whatsoever. At Schiro's, I found the staff to be consistently courteous and painstakingly conscious about customer service. In fact, in addition to the two car accident's worth of damage, my car also had minor paint scrapes from a parking miscalculation on my part. Completely free of charge, Schiro's layered a matching coat of paint over the scrape. It's not a perfect fit, but somewhat hides the minor cosmetic damage that was done to my car. The scrape is still visible, but no longer in plain sight. I thought it was a nice effort on their part to improve the cosmetic appearance of my car, even though they weren't being paid to do so. In fact two days after I picked up my car, I received a thank you card in the mail from Kent and the Schiro's family. Now who does that? And then a couple of weeks after picking up my car, I also received a call from Schiro's customer service department to see if everything was still OK.  Nice.  Thanks, Schiro's, for ripping the band-aid off quickly and applying pressure to ease the pain."

"Dear Frank:  I'm writing to commend your staff on their excellent job performance. In the past 6 months, I've had two separate needs for body shop work (for the record, neither  was my fault!) The first time a tree fell on my car  I had no experience with your shop, but from the moment I walked through the door, I felt comfortable leaving my vehicle in your hands.  My service advisor, Kent, talked me through every detail of the process and followed through as promised.  The work was done on schedule and on budget (even through it was covered by my insurance.) While no one wants to have to revisit a body shop, I can tell you that I looked forward to dealing with you when a few months later I was hit from behind while stopped in traffic! Kent again walked me through the steps involved to fix this new set of problems, and the work was done again on schedule and budget as promised.  A few weeks ago, I noticed a slight whistling sound while driving at high speeds, and I realized it might have been related to the work done from my first visit.  I called and was asked to drop by so that you could understand my concerns.  Kent was busy that day so Robby took care of my concerns.  We took a test drive and I was eventually able to show him what I had noticed.  We scheduled a return visit when the glass man would be in, and the work was again handled as promised.  Everyone at your facility--from Ana at the front desk to every other employee I encountered--was friendly, courteous and professional.  While I hope I don't see any of you again soon, I know that if I do need to it will be a positive experience. Sincerely,"

"Great staff. A+ quality work. I have used them twice since being in two accidents. They have taken excellent care of me and my vehicle. Even offering to take care of scratches for free. I will use them whenever necessary."

“Dear Mr. Schiro:   I would like to thank you for the excellent service I received from your company.  I would particularly like to compliment one of your employees, Kent McElhinney, for the outstanding service he provided me in the past six weeks.  I am from Canada and was dealing with extensive repairs being done to my vehicle which my daughter had been driving.  Kent was extremely helpful and reassuring from our first meeting, he was always available and provided me with any information I needed as soon as possible.  As he knew I needed to book airline flights to pick up the vehicle, he went over and above to keep me updated on the progress of the vehicle as well as the insurance information coming in and anything else I needed.   Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. Sincerely,”

"What a great body repair shop!!!!  My son and I received excellent customer service with a high quality repair job to boot. My son, age 21, was involved in an auto accident. As a learning experience, I had him handle everything from the setting up the first appointment, communications with the shop, the actual repair and payment. Schiro's treated my son with respect and did not take advantage of his age and/or lack of experience. They were fair and very reasonable in their pricing. Truly an ethical business. We were elated with the high quality of work and the extra service they provided in washing and waxing the car before they handed it over to my son. Having to deal with the repairs resulting from an automobile accident is never fun...second only to the dentist. The Schiro family knows how to relieve the car owner from the anxieties that come from the overall process. I give my full recommendation for Schiro's Collision!!!!!!"

"I had 2 incidents within a matter of a couple of days on my '07 Tahoe. My week had not started off the way I had expected. I was referred to Schiro's by a family friend and also had found out that this repair facility worked directly with my insurance company. This was easy! After calling the shop to set up my appointment, they already had my claim information from the insurance company. My appointment was on a Tuesday. I was immediately greeted when I walked in. Ana at the front took the keys to my car and had it washed just to check it in. The repairs were explained clear and simple enough for me to understand. I was updated through the repair process and my car was finished  two days earlier than expected. I would recommend this shop to anyone that needs this type of service. They make an already frustrating situation into a relief. And when I picked up my Tahoe, it was detailed and they also went out of their way to take care of some additional scratches on the truck as a courtesy! I ws impressed with the customer service and the end result was a terrific repair...Thanks, Schiro's!!!!"

"The two times that I've been in need of bodywork repair, I've taken my SUV to Schiro's. Each time I was met by a very helpful person who took time to expalin and be courteous (great customer service). The office was clean and the staff knowlegeable and helpful. The first time they worked on my vehicle, it came back in wonderful shape! The second time, it was e ven better and they went beyond the call of duty to shine up the tires, vacuum the interior, and wash the outside. I was picked up at the shop by the rental place (arranged by Schiro's) and dropped off again later to get my vehicle. Schiro's calledto check on the vehicle the following week and sent a follow-up note in the mail. My vehicle drives wonderfully, and I am pleased to say that Schiro's is the place I always recommend!"

“Dear Ana,  It was a pleasure to work with you and everyone else at Schiro's.  My car looks beautiful!  Thank you for taking such good care of me.  Sincerely,”

“Hi Frank, I just had your shop replace the back bumper of my 2010 Honda Fit (I was rear-ended last week). I just wanted to write you and compliment you on your great, friendly staff. Kent was very knowledgeable, returned all of my calls/emails, and answered all of my questions…Also, [Gerson] was extremely helpful and friendly. He even helped me put the tags on my new car even after all the paperwork was completed! Above and beyond. His work ethic will go a long way and you should see that you keep him on board. Again, it was a pleasure doing business with your shop and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you guys to others. Thank you.”

“Micah, thank you very much for the helpful, professional job you did on my 2008 Honda. Here’s a [treat] to show my appreciation—for you and the wife. Cordially,”

“I may not always know what to do when my car gets damaged but I always know who to turn to…to have it like new! On 10-01-09, Schiro’s repaired damaged to my car due to an accident. Your staff throughout this week were [sic] professional and extremely helpful. Ana explained each step along the way, responded promptly to my calls. She is a great asset in your service team. Also Micah was terrific, explaining all the repairs. I was so impressed with your team; I brought them in a cake to celebrate! P.S. I taught Customer Service for many years at American Honda (corporate) so I know good service! It starts at the top!”

“Dear Frank, Ana, Micah, Kent, and all the guys who did the labor, thank you SO MUCH for fixing my car. It’s BEAUTIFUL! The work you did was amazing and even though we’ve had a number of “scrapes” fixed by you before (so expectations were high), I am so pleased with the results. I appreciate the work you did and the obvious extra effort you go to in order to make a customer feel comfortable from the estimate through the delivery. Warmest regards,”

Schiro’s: As a way of saying thank you for the great work you did on my car, I am sending you a box of treats; cookies, brownies and cupcakes! Thanks,

Joe, Frank, and Manuel: I’m so appreciative of everything you do. Please accept a bottle of wine for each of you and a box of chocolates for the office. Sincerely,"

“Dear Schiros, You repaired my car in 2008 after an accident, and afterwards I had a trunk leak, which you fixed. When the trunk flooded after the last rains, I brought the car in. Your service was exceptional! You repaired the problem and returned it quickly and in better condition than when I left it! The trunk was reassembled, the car was polished inside and out, and you even repaired a non-connected body trim piece. You (and Orlando) are a first-class operation. (Please pay him extra!) I’ll happily share that with my friends who are accident prone! Thank you,”

“Frank, the work you did on my car was really great. I appreciate everything you did for me. I brought you some coffee and a travel mug. Thanks,”

"When someone collides with you on the highway, the last thing you want to do is deal with the complications of an accident that someone else caused. Alas, you're left dealing with insurance companies, rental companies, and a collision repair shop, all in the name of correcting another person's error. Luckily for me, when I went through all that recently, Schiro's was the collision repair shop recommended to me by the 'other guy's' insurance company. Before agreeing to go to Schiro's, I compared multiple repair shops rates, service records, and online reviews. In the end, I agreed to use Schiro's because it seemed high quality enough. Now that the repairs are finished and I have been back on the road for a month or so, I couldn't be more pleased with both the customer service and the repair work afforded by Schiro's. The people at Schiro's were extremely accommodating, and they gave me constant, detailed updates of what was going on with my vehicle. They also worked with me to make sure I was not getting charged for something the other insurance company needed to be covering. If ever I have to head back to a collision repair shop--God forbid--I'll definitely return to Schiro's. Their reps and their work were fantastic!"

"I was rear-ended in a rain storm in my GMC Sonoma. I really didn't want to have to hassle with all the mess of getting my car repaired, and getting a rental car. I have better things to do with my time. I took my truck to Schiro's on a referral from a friend. They were incredibly professional. They did the work in just a few days, and repaired it perfectly. They took care of all the hassles that usually go along with car repair. They arranged for a rental car, they kept me informed of the progress of my repair, and when I went to pick it up, it looked like brand new. It's  great to find a business that really does what they say they will do and then stands behind their work. They even guaranteed the work for as long as I own the car. I was impressed!"

"In the last 3 months, my brand new Honda Civic has been involved in two hit and runs. Each time misfortune has fallen upon my newest vehicle, I've taken it to Schiro's in North Hollywood.  My first experience with Schiro's was with the facility in Chatsworth. A few years ago, I too my Honda Accord there after I had a minor fender bender. The building alone of the Schiro's is impressive. Driving into the complex, you feel like you're driving into a resort. For a body shop, it's one of the best in the least here on the West Coast. But with that said, Chatsworth is a little our of the way from where I live, so the time in June when my car got hit, I opted to take it to their facility in North Hollywood. I drove in Schiro's on Monday morning and was met by Manny and Ana. They run the customer counter. After a brief explanation of my situation--it it's under my deductible I'll pay for it, it it's over, I'll call my insurance company--Manny came outside to look at my vehicle. A few minutes into his questions and Manny mentioned that he remembered me from last June. That's always a good thing. After a few pleasantries and some initial inspection, he got one of the service advisers, Kent, to come out and look at the vehicle. Kent told me to leave the car, and that he would call me with the estimate later in the day. Easy as pie. I rode to work and got his call a few hours later. To both of our surprises, the estimate for the work turned out to be really low, he told me he had to double check, just to make sure. What a damn good surprise, considering I was already mentally prepared to be paying a good sum. He then told me my car would be ready either Wednesday or Thursday. Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon and Kent left me a voicemail telling me my car was ready for pickup. It took them a day to do the work. Again, happy...very happy. I called them Wednesday morning to see if they could send a shuttle that could pick me up from my place...20 minutes later I was on my way to Schiro's. The car looked always, class A work. They had washed it, waxed it and vacuumed the inside. In today's times of quick turnover, it's hard to find good, honest automotive work, much less good body work. Schiro's comes through on both counts. Schiro's another great local business involved in the community that I don't mind doing business with. I also found this great google video (watch it by clicking on the 'In the News' tab in their web site) that Schiro's made. The owner, Joe Schiro, is on it talking about the company and their 'mission statement.' Made me feel good doing business with these folks..."

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