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Schiro’s Collision has maintained

The Medallion Certification!

Schiro’s has always placed a high value on quality, integrity, and experience. We pride ourselves on doing our best to maintain a very high standard of excellence. So it is extremely exciting when an outside source verifies that we are achieving our goal! That’s where VeriFacts enters the picture.

Schiro’s North Hollywood has recently received the Five Star honor, the Medallion Certification, from VeriFacts.

“VeriFacts Automotive was founded in 2002 to address the implementation of technical information within the collision repair industry. Today, VeriFacts is recognized as the industry’s only independent onsite quality verification service and in-shop technician assessment provider. VeriFacts is committed to identifying and exposing excellence in collision repair.
“The most important part of any collision repair is the one that will never be seen. After your vehicle is repaired, the parts specifically designed to make your care safe in a collision will be hidden. These unibody structures and safety reinforcements must be restored exactly the way the vehicle manufacturer requires when your vehicle is repaired. To repair and reassemble your vehicle to make it “crashworthy” again, technicians must measure, straighten and weld many complex engineered components of various exotic steels. How can you be sure the shop you choose actually has the advanced equipment and training required to restore your vehicle’s crash-worthiness?
“The VeriFacts Verified Quality program confirms that a repair facility has all the resources necessary to achieve a safe and proper repair. As a participant in the VeriFacts VQ program, the VQ shop has made a commitment to be measured and audited by VeriFacts industry experts, including:

* On-site confirmation of essential information, tools and technology
* On-site observation of technician repair skills, methodologies and overall quality processes
* Continuing, unannounced audits and individualized skills assessment and scoring

The VeriFacts VQ program is one way that collision repair shops are different from others. That difference is vitally important to you and to anyone riding in your vehicle.”

To learn more about VeriFacts, visit their website at

Schiro’s is committed to be the best that we can be at collision repair. Our Chatsworth location is currently in the process to receive the Medallion Certification as well! We value our customers and business partners and want you to know we will always do the best job possible for you!

Thank you for your continued support!


Schiro’s Know’s

Fender Bender is a national auto body industry magazine and we were fortunate to be featured in the May 2008 issue.

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