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Most anyone in the paint and body repair industry would agree that the final paint color match is an essential requirement for a successful repair and a satisfied customer. Even though the age of the automotive paint, the various types of paint products used at the different manufacturer assembly plants, the specific conditions under which your vehicle was originally painted, if the vehicle was repaired in the past, and even the length of time the metallic base-color material was agitated on the assembly line will affect the current car paint color.

To obtain an excellent paint finish and color match, Schiro’s Collision Repair utilize PPG’s Color Solutions Technology and automotive paint products. The PPG system provides the latest in color match information and technology to provide our paint technicians with the finest in materials, technology, equipment and training to produce a best-in-class paint match and paint finish. This color match system includes the PPG Rapid Match™ spectrophotometer option. With sophisticated optics, this device analyzes the vehicle’s color and integrates the data seamlessly with the PPG Paint Manager software. The software takes that data and in seconds, searches the thousands of formulas to find the closest variants for a particular resulting in an excellent color match. Our auto painting teams at both locations are PPG certified to ensure proper paint application, product long term performance, gloss, and final appearance.

The PPG brand of paint is regarded as one of the highest quality and most advanced refinishing systems in the automotive paint industry and their products are backed by the PPG lifetime warranty. Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, and Audi are just a few of the auto manufacturers that approve the PPG car painting system.

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PPG RapidMatch™ Spectrophotometer System


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